Go girl!


World Speed Record Windsurfer, Zara Davis, orders her second set of Jackyards seat covers.

Perfect for windsurfers, surfers, kite-surfers and paddleboarders, Zara knows they’re made to last.

Back in 2012 when Jackyards was in its infancy, we were approached by the amazing Zara Davis - the World Record Speed Windsurfing Champion. She asked us to make her a bespoke set of seat covers for her new VW van, showing her incredibly fast race time.

Since then Zara has gone on to shatter the world record once again and we’re chuffed to have been asked to make her a second set showing her new world record time. This time she chose a more funky set of Orange and Grey - a great addition to her new van and very eye catching to boot!

We wish Zara all the best for her future races and look forward to celebrating yet another world record. Go girl!