Ooh, that new car smell…

VW camper vans - where memories are born

If you are eagerly awaiting March 1st, it’s probably because you’ll be picking up a spanking new camper van. You’ll probably be dreaming of that ‘new car smell’, escaping to secluded beaches, roaring campfires and wonderful times with family and friends. If you are, you’re not alone. Last year, a whopping 2.5 million new cars hit the UK roads, 22,500 of which were camper vans.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…

There’s no doubting that getting your eager mitts on a sparkling new VW California or Transporter will set your heart racing. It will also set your bank balance plummeting and possibly bring on a nasty case of buyer’s remorse. If buyer’s remorse is chewing at your subconscious, we have some good news for you. VW Camper vans have a long waiting list. Although VW vow to deliver on time, it’s not uncommon for a van, due for delivery on March 1st , to arrive months later. Goodbye trip to Cornwall. Unlike most cars that lose significant value when they’re driven off the forecourt, VW Campers seem to hold their own. The shortage of vans only seems to increase the desire to own one; basic economics tells us high demand and low availability means one thing - prices stay strong. Great news when you’re spending north of £50,000 on a Grand California.

The start of a journey

For the huge flock of devoted VW camper owners, purchasing a new van is the start of the journey. A new van soon becomes an integral part of family life. It’s the hub from which new adventures start and memories are formed. The van becomes a part of the family, just like the dog and your kids’ snotty best friends. After many family debates, its adorned with a name. Loving owner’s adopt new habits such as stating proudly, ‘I best get back and check Bertie.’ It’s no wonder that van owners cherish their vans and wish to protect them; they are fiscal and emotional investments.

I can wrap it in cotton wool, can’t I?

Any surfer, paddleboarder, festival goer or ‘outdoor sports mad family’ will tell you, a van will take a good hiding. Like dad falling off his mountain bike or Little Sarah scraping her knee climbing the cliffs, you simply can’t avoid the odd scratch and eye watering dent. You simply can’t wrap them in cotton wool. Vans are to enjoy, not to be locked away

Man’s best friend, VW camper van seats worst enemy. Protect them with our seat covers and keep them shiny as a new penny.

Man’s best friend, VW camper van seats worst enemy. Protect them with our seat covers and keep them shiny as a new penny.

Are those dog scratches?

So, what do you do to help preserve your van? Undoubtedly, one of the most used areas in a van are the seats. Kids wet bums, spilled ice creams, surfer’s wax and rubbed in suntan cream soon take their toll. Many a new van owner has experienced that heart plummeting sensation when they notice dog scratches on the seats, forever there to remind them never to leave Fido alone in the van again. So, what do you do to protect your seats? The best solution is to invest in a seat of truly robust seat covers. Jackyards produce hard-wearing, machine washable covers that not only offer amazing protection, they also look great too. Available in a vast array of colours, you can choose the colour and styles to enhance the look of your van. Truly a bespoke item, they are manufactured to order and made by hand with marine piped seams, robust fabrics, strong polyester threads and marine zips for easy fitting and removal.

The finishing touches

If you’re considering finishing your van off in style by adding some Jackyards seat covers, why not sneak a peek at the customer reviews on our website? It’ll give you a great insight into why our VW seat covers are so popular, and why VW outlets like Breeze Poole, proudly display Jackyards products in their showroom.