Top camper van trip tips

Keep your camping trip marbles with our top tips and tricks…


The midnight loo dash

Love them or hate them, Crocs are the perfect midnight dash footwear (unless it’s chucking it down of course). Slip on your onsie, slip into your Crocs and you’re off… just hope you don’t bump into the fashion police.

 Loo Roll

If there is one forgotten item that can ruin a camping trip quicker than caput camper van engine, it’s loo roll. Take lots. Take more than lots… and keep them dry too. Damp loo roll is a sure-fire way to bring rapid onset misery.

Torch and Batteries

Picture it… you’ve checked no one is watching you and slipped on your crocks and Kermit onsie; now it’s time for the dash to the loo. If you have forgotten your torch, you’re about to embark on a miserable expedition to the loos. Be warned! There’s nothing worse than getting back into the wrong camper van in the middle of the night.

Got any gas?

You’ve made it through the night. Your crocs are safely hidden in the depths of your bag and your mouth is bone dry… it’s time to get the kettle on. Check list… Water? Yep. Kettle? Yep. Cups? Yep. Tea bags? Yep. Spoon? Yep. Gas? If you forget the gas you may as well pack up and go home. If you do have gas, make sure you have enough and always pack a few spares. There’s no quicker way to start a crying fit than sitting in the cold, dripping wet and watching the gas flame flicker out… goodbye cuppa.

Anyone seen my keys?

If I had a pound… This is a top tip that we thoroughly recommend. Always keep your keys in one place. Keep your cigarette lighter (for you gas stove) in the same place. If you have a dog, keep the lead in the same place - this is a must-do if you have kids and dogs.

She’s in me seat. Again!

For camping virgins, there are some things you do not do. Peeing outside your camper van door is one. Secondly, and perhaps more important; unless you want to be a social outcast, bring a camping chair to avoid campfire musical chairs, rolling eyes and a chorus of disapproving ‘tutts’.