Bringing your ideas to life

Whether you want seat covers for your VW T4, T5 or T6 captains’ seats, single, double or triple bench seats, we can create them lovingly for you.

 Whether you want us to choose the colours for you, or you want to do it yourself is your choice; either way we are always here to help with guidance and ideas on colours that will compliment your cherished van.

 Chunky envelopes…

 At Jackyards HQ we love it when a chunky envelope drops through the letterbox with hand drawn designs inside. They pulse with creative passion and care - an ethos that resonates with our own ethos – and gets our creative juices flowing.


The collaboration with customers doesn’t end there. Jackyards seat covers are not mass produced, they are bespoke and hand-made; as such, we work with our customers closely to ensure they get exactly what makes their eyes sparkle with joy.

When we receive an order, the first thing we do is contact the customer and discuss their vision for their seat covers. Referring to our Jackyards swatch booklet, we discuss the various colour combinations that would best suit their van whether it be a custom camper, work van or family wagon. Once decided, we agree a date for completion and start the manufacturing process.

The Jackyards guides we use to create each set of covers took countless prototypes to perfect and are bespoke to us. Similarly, the fabrics we use have undergone rigorous testing to ensure durability and colour retention. We often get messages from customers who say their Jackyards seat covers are still like new years later, even after countless camping weekends with the kids and dogs.


Customers can also choose the piping that goes around the seats and custom letters that, like all our manufacturing, are lovingly hand-stitched in place. A great example of customising seats covers in a very personal way are Zara Davis’s covers. Zara is the World Record Speed Windsurfing Champion and has her record time proudly on her front seats. Other great customisation examples are when families personalise seats for their children, which is a great way to stop them squabbling over who sits where.

The finished product

We’ve designed our seat covers to be removable so they can be washed and made to look like new again. An added bonus is, this makes them easy to fit for new and long term customers alike. For those that are simply too busy surfing, wind surfing, or enjoying family time, we also offer a fitting service for the price of some decent fish n chips.

If you are considering treating yourself to a set of covers, please get in touch. We’re always here to help and discuss ideas to get the most from your van.